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Infant security management system

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1 System Overview
Infant security systems rely on the world's leading RFID radio frequency identification technology, upon the baby wear can be launched from the RF radio frequency signal, and the intelligent electronic label is harmless to the human body. The baby has a unique ID electronic label timing transmitting information to the baby anti-theft system, system according to real-time monitoring and tracking of baby location, can also attempted theft infant behaviour and alarm.
Infant security system to guard against technical means to replace the backward air defense means, fully improve the hospital management level and the management level, prevent the baby from the hospital was stolen, effectively protect the baby safety, safeguard the rights and interests of all parties.
The structure of 2.1. system
Data input: - issuing machine on the wrist tag for issuing authorization, reader recognizes only authorized card;
- the data read: reader signal 24 hours identification tag is sent, and the identification information through the network upload to the server;
- Data Processing: the server will read information processing and writing device to send the then transmitted to the monitoring computer monitoring computer, according to the received information can position monitoring of the selected label.
Infant security management system based on RFID, to match the maternal information through the data input to the wrist tag, reader identification wristband tag information to judge the infant is state and uploads the data to the server, the server processes the data, according to the processing result of the implementation of the alarm and other functions.
The working process of 2.2.
When the baby was born, the staff will be a group of wristbands issued to parents, including wristbands anti disassembly baby, as well as ordinary wristband parents carry. The wrist strap record relevant information of baby to baby's health records, information including, the baby's birth date and time and parents' name, contact.
- ward area are mounted on the RFID card reader, when baby wrist strap is removed, the tag signal disappeared, immediately alarm system. Reader in the monitoring area fixed type, when baby wrist strap separate import and regional monitoring, alarm can alarm prompt attention, hospital staff.
- by the system software can query to the baby out individual records, related data and baby, through integration with video security monitoring system, the system directly transferred to the camera monitoring image, timely monitoring of the warning area.
Components and function of the 3 system
- Baby anti-theft label
The core components of infant security system is the baby anti-theft label. It is a small transmitter / RF receiver, it contains advanced technology and sophisticated ergonomic design. The anti-theft label with damage prevention properties of reliable, starting from the tagged moment, electronic anti-theft tag is constantly automatically sends out the signal, so that the system at any time for security monitoring. Without authorization, any attempt to remove or destroy the behavior of the tag will trigger the alarm.
- the mother label
The mother label is an optional component of infant security system, for maternal and child and baby label automatic pairing. The maternal infant security system automatically, without any manual operation, can automatically without using any auxiliary equipment. When the mother and infant between label label distance is less than 30CM, automatic recognition, baby bell indicated that mother to child, the label is correct or not, if the error is detected, the mother will immediately produce alarm system.
Without the need for both mother and baby tag pre pairing binding factory, that is any mother label according to need and any baby label pairing. After the birth of their baby, baby wear automatically when the label in the label and the mother of binding, binding relationship between mother and baby label has remained in check in before.
The maternal infant security system automatic matching function, convenient use, is suitable for multiple births management, much to the mother and child same ward will not influence each other, safe and reliable.
- receiver
The signal receiver is a radio receiver, usually concealed mounted on the ceiling, can signal receiving radius circular range about 10-12 meter of the anti-theft label issued by. A plurality of receivers receivers network, network and computer control system connected by.
RF signal receiver receives a nonstop infant security labels, the received signal is decoded through the network to the computer control system, the system software can real-time monitor and display the working state of each infant anti-theft label.
The only electronic code receiver with independent, working condition of system continuously monitors each receiver systems to ensure the safety of the highest. Whatever the reasons for the receiver is not working properly, the system will send out alarm.
- export monitor
Export monitors installed in the safety zone protected (such as obstetrics baby zone) at the outlet, it continuously emits an invisible "protection zone formed RF signal". When wearing the anti-theft label baby into this "protection zone", namely the emission region export monitor, baby anti-theft tag immediately sends out the signal to trigger the system alarm.
In order to adapt to different mounting environment, emission radius export monitor signal can be adjusted in 2.1 to 3 meters between. A plurality of outlet monitor are connected through a network, forming a security zone export barrier, ensure that the baby will not be illegally taken from safety.
Each outlet monitor with a plurality of relay output, can control the electric lock and connected with the alarm device. Export monitor has a unique code, the system continuously monitors each export monitor work condition, can timely alarm was destroyed in the equipment failure or.
- computer control and management system
The control computer comprises a system control software and related hardware, monitoring and management of the operation of the whole system, usually an

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