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Material management system RFID munitions

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Logistics system, warehousing, logistics operation control problem in the traditional warehousing operations, has been playing the most important role, but in todays manufacturing technology and transportation system have been quite developed.
A, warehousing, logistics operation control problem
Traditional logistics systems, warehouse has been playing the main role, but in today's manufacturing technology and transportation system have been quite developed, storage operations role has changed the quantity and quality of. Although its original function adjustment of production and demand has not changed, but in order to meet the current market a variety of demand pattern, making the logistics system of picking, delivery, the importance of logistics has been overridden in warehousing function.
Modern warehousing, logistics and distribution of the goods is not only to achieve the storage function, but also the species, on the Bank of the number of the owner, storage etc. attributes have clear mark, storage of goods in the supply chain upstream and downstream data connection should be clear, but also can realize the product information counter check function.
At the same time, to prevent the illegal interests, counterfeit, fake products appeared in large numbers, to ensure that consumers, users and production business interests. Especially those concerning beneficial to the people's livelihood special products and items, such as railway materials, pharmaceutical products and equipment, liquefied gas and other pressure vessels industry, once the product counterfeits and unqualified phenomenon, will bring immeasurable loss to the society and the individual. The production, circulation, use and repair of these special goods, need to have security more secure, efficient and tracking of safeguard measures.
Material management system RFID munitions
2, storage planning, product circulation management problems
Enterprises need to reduce the operation time of each order to meet customers increasingly complex fine product requirements and service, also can provide production enterprises in continuous price reduction -- this is a common problem faced by the current production enterprises.
Now many enterprise warehouse operations, is faced with the problem of poor planning, inventory is not clear, no pre notification delivery, and inventory on the lower limit of no method for automatic warning and so on, has brought the issue of warehouse operation to implement the change request.
Also, we must stop the fake and shoddy products into exile to the market continue to harm consumers, users and production business interests.
Aiming at the above problems, we use the RFID products in the warehouse, logistics, security control, the integration of product warehousing logistics management solutions for a set of RFID for the effective control of the entire process of product "". Below we for military material inventory and circulation management using RFID are expounded.
3, the needs of the project
The RFID tag is currently the most advanced non-contact sensor technology, it has the unique ID code, and have the characteristics of large quantity, package of any memory, readable and writable, anti-collision, suitable for the field of automatic identification, data acquisition, supply chain, retail, logistics, defense etc..
Especially in the management of military materials, the application value of RFID's extraordinary. China logistics information construction from the "go all out to catch up with the" great leap forward "boom" in the rational regression, rely on the common information technology is mature, effectively improve the internal inventory, warehouse location, distribution, safety control and management, effectively reduce some of the drawbacks of manual management.
The use of RFID for military products management need to do the following:
Management of inventory accuracy of 1, the number of military materials;
Position the 2 military supplies, inventory management;
3, management of military materials distribution;
Safety management of 4, in the process of delivery.
Two, the system scheme
1, system framework
Product sales chain logistics information system network hardware, the factory sales center local area network and distributor of POS data collecting terminal. Sales center local area network by the center for remote access server, product logistics data dictionary database, sales chain logistics information management software function realization platform. The dealer sales visit terminal POS terminal by the bar code scanner, POS intelligent PDA (DRF) composition.
2, data management
2.1 basic data
Items: the name, type, mode of packing, weight, measurement unit, date of production;
Handling tools: forklifts, trucks (the door open / closed state information)
Packaging: pallets etc.
The warehouse area: area corresponding to the positioning label information
Control personnel: the authorized personnel information, including the driver of the truck
2.2 data management
Management data
Integrated into, out of warehouse management, location management, statistics, audit data, circulation chain data and checking information etc..
The relationship of data
Supplies management information system, is made up of goods circulation process, digital information collection and supervision process is composed of three parts. And each data flow in each stage of constant change of circulation of goods.
Goods circulation process: refers to goods from storage began to distribute the whole process has been used;
Digital information acquisition: refers to goods from storage of digital collection, until the whole process of receiving digital collection;
The regulatory treatment process: refers to the object from the storage began, until all the regulatory process of the last stage of the warehouse.
2.3 software function module
This system passed the plan of production, storage, plan hair, storage and transportation, the lower the warehouse six aspects of acceptance. The system is based on the safety of the goods as security, relying on digital information collection continued support, complete the scientific and accurate processing.
According to the above data, a set of nine software function module:
Digital product function module, warehousing and inventory warning module, location management module, distribution management module, fill the return module, settlement module, function information (query, statistics, survey) module, and database access module and system maintenance module.
3, software function module
3.1 digital product
Digital product: is the establishment of product code database, and will write a product number

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