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For large data platform of the Internet of things

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environment of the Internet of things is an open dynamic environment, new things can join at any time to provide new services or performance and quality of service has improved service.
Key tip: this thesis is a discussion on context aware environment of IOT challenges, current situation and future trend for; context aware environment of the Internet of things is an open dynamic environment, new things can join at any time to provide new services or performance and quality of service has improved service; dynamic characteristic is composed of things published, notice, search, and / or retrieval mechanism to support; in this respect is one of the important characteristics of adaptive. For example, when a thing is not to establish a direct communication, or to the throughput requirements of communication in response to large need to tap, can use mobile collaboration through opportunistic network (opportunistic networks) to communicate. This type of network is formed when the mobile communication device is only suitable for short distance communication protocol, usually at this time the user close to the short distance communication protocol can still help application data exchange. Because each mobile device is in accordance with the store carry work forwarding mode so between them is a dynamic routing. Therefore, the data transmission process between the two devices to the destination in the contact is an opportunity. In this kind of network data transmission is usually based on the publish / subscribe model (publish/subscribe model).
Every day we have 2500000000000 bytes of data, today 90% of the world's data is the last two years to create. From the sensor data was used to mobile phone, climate information from print to GPS signal, a social networking site, digital photos and video, procurement transaction records, such as mobile phone, mentioned here are just a few examples. This data is the Big Data. Analysis of large data sets has become a new wave of product innovation and growth, the cornerstone of consumer surplus. Big data and not only refers to the scale, and through it the opportunity to find new and emerging data type and content, which makes the enterprise more flexible, and can answer was considered more than we have the ability of the problem. Although until now there is no practical way to realize this opportunity but today we witnessed the data index in the amount and the details on the level of growth, these data by the enterprise, the rise of multimedia technology, social media and online social network (OSN) and the Internet of things produced.
In future applications when between user and machine still need to use smart ways to work together will produce a lot of big data challenges. People will be able to obtain all the information around us not far in the future, and this information will be in a most convenient way to provide services, such as when congestion happens we will be informed at the same time, the automobile can determine how to optimize the optimum route for us, it will notify us when the refrigerator milk soon the. Technology is increasingly becoming a part of our everyday life. The final stage in the development of new technology is able to improve our lives. For example, our city is rapidly becoming an artificial ecosystem, interrelated intelligent digital "interdependent organism", they are turned into wisdom City, they become more and more intelligent applications from design to gain advantage to drive the economy sustainable development, the intelligent design includes a fusion of mobile service virtual world of innovation and transformation of hatching device, intelligent building with IoT and OSN function, intelligent utilities (i.e., power supply, heat supply, water supply, pollution treatment, transportation, unified communications system and collaborative infrastructure). By embedding the intelligent processing functions in all the towns in the unit and put them in real-time connection, the physical world objects together, any virtual world can dialogue transaction capabilities provide opportunities for our city transformation. City planners and management organizations need only have the right tool to calculate the towns of the generated data information and according to the data derived from the actions to improve the lives of the residents. Smart city tomorrow depends not only on the city and sensor equipment at the same time also depends on a large number of willing to detect at the same time can make data integration to the technology platform for the reaction of personal habits and city community equipment. Projections indicate that by 2016 the city will have 4.1 square kilometers of the data TB/day/. Efficient processing of such a large amount of data has become a challenge.
We have started testing data on this scale, impact on privacy and consider the execution, also can be to code it with the characteristics of sense of time and space in. When we entered in the amount of data and computing ability are hitherto unknown scale in the field, the benefits will not only be in business. Data will be able to help citizen access to government agencies, and is responsible for the establishment of a new self service. All parts in a sense of the whole world are fast digital. Using these digital identification and data people can make ideas and their design ideas can be more easily understood. It will also support for the idea of the future development of the new city and social life, these applications are programmed in now known as the Internet of things (IoT) under the umbrella of protection.
As a part of the future of the Internet, the goal of the IoT is used to collect information from the integration and also provides service in turn for their various physical entities in different fields. IoT is in daily life "things (Things)" provides a virtual expression for Internet, the allocation of specific recognition and virtual address, and increase the self organization ability and communication ability and other things without human intervention. In order to guarantee the high quality service can increase the ability includes scene perception ability,

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