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The Internet of things almost all use WiFi things to achieve chip level Internet connection

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The new series of a set of integrated circuit TI launched can let the engineer quickly build suitable for applications from home automation to multimedia broad Internet of things and M2M products.

Texas Instrument Co (Texas Instruments) of the simplelink series of integrated circuit devices to achieve any engineer things must. These wireless chip capable of rapid, easy to make a product can be between almost anything through the Internet using wifi. CC3100 and CC3200 chip, system plus they developed to enable those who have little or no wireless Internet software engineer with experience in establishing a reliable networking or machine to machine products.
A large number of applications potential: home and building automation is the application of the main target field. These examples include heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting control, intelligent energy is another good application field.
Increase monitoring and control equipment can save energy in the electric meter and the power supply board, another possible approach is the use of multimedia audio and video streaming and remote control more advanced on the energy conservation.
The safety system is a very good application, including a set of video surveillance for home or industrial. At the same time also includes industrial monitoring and control of industrial automation and process control use; another untapped potential for real time location system (RTLS), it is to track assets and the realization of location based service other by using wifi.
On the other hand, Wi Fi is also not an easy to understand things, this is a wireless technology complex, difficult to understand, but also difficult to program. To create a function with the Wi-Fi utility products or systems usually require some experience with Wi-Fi and knowledge. In addition, Wi-Fi is often referred to as high power wireless technologies, and for a IoT product usually don't need such a powerful. The above two Wi-Fi application problems can be solved by the TI SimpleLink system.



SimpleLink system of Figure 1, the TI provides a simple way to have the function of Wi-Fi networking products and low power consumption safety and development 

SimpleLink Ti system is the development of the system consists of two basic chip configuration. CC3100 integrates a can with 802.11b/ g / N standard compliant GHz 2.4 Wi-Fi wireless transceiver. The chip is a complete network from the processor chip, including the Web server and the TCP/ IP protocol stack on-chip (as shown in Fig. 2). The chip requires a frequency of 40MHz external crystal, some serial flash memory, and the antenna filter. The CC3100 can support is connected to any external micro controller, such as the popular TI MSP430 series MCU chip; at the same time for this connection provides standard UART and SPI interface. The device uses the QFN package 64 pin 9x9 mm.

the UART and SPI interface. The chip can work with any external embedded controller.

Like TI CC3200 and CC3100 contains the complete RF and Web server circuit and TCP / IP protocol stack, but does not require an external MCU, because CC3200 is integrated in the chip of a complete 80MHz ARM Cortex M4 MCU, and the related RAM and ROM, and the corresponding interface (as shown in Fig. 3). The peripheral interface includes a fast parallel camera I / O interface, I2S audio interface, SDMMC, UART, I2C, SPI and GPIO etc.. The simulation function part included within ADC and PWM, and provides a real-time clock (RTC).

In Figure 2, the TI CC3100 integration can support 802.11 b/ g / N 2.4 GHz RF module, network processor, with Wi-Fi driver TCP/ IP protocol stack and In Figure 3, the CC3200 chip TI Cortex M4 processor contains all functional units of the CC3100 plus ARM and RAM and ROM, the most common I / O interface, and support for ADC and PWM analog interface processing part.

Several main features of the SimpleLink system the following makes it possible to satisfy the application of rapid development for the market demand. First of all, the chip is completely through the Wi-Fi alliance certification, so that to ensure full interoperability. The second is a low power operation, low power connection mode thanks to online forever or intermittently connected, these chips are designed into two AA batteries can work for a year. Maintain a connection to the current sleep mode when the network is only 120 A. One of these patterns is 2 seconds long sleep and wakeup time 100ms month interval. Listener receives the beacon signal current is only 37 ma. Another mode is only 4 mu A sleep current to reduce emissions in order to maximize every 200 milliseconds, this mode provides connection time wakeup time of a 95 Ms.
High security is another key advantage of SimpleLink. Wi-Fi security protocol integrated in chip including WPA2 individuals, WPA2 Enterprise Edition and WPS2 etc.. Internet protocol security integrated on a chip in the SSL3.0, TLS1.2, X.509 etc.. Finally, TI said it was fully developed to support plug and play chip.
The SimpleLink package is a set of convenient design development kit, the kit includes a development board, the reference design, and a provides a software driver, the sample application and the API guide to the software development kit (SDK). The kit also includes a complete user documentation.
If you are ready to catch up with the Internet of things or the trend of M2M, SimpleLink may be the best choice for you.






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